Do I Really Have to Practice?

Today’s world has become a very busy one. And as a result people everywhere are looking for shortcuts to make their lives simpler. Some shortcuts work just great and do save time and energy.

This golf tip is NOT about shortcuts, will not save you time, but if taken seriously WILL improve your game.

The human brain is wired a certain way, which has not changed along with our ever-changing modern world. The brain requires repetition in order to learn anything. As you no doubt have noticed, if you read or hear a piece of information once, the odds of you remembering it later are next to nil. You need to repeatedly be exposed to the information in order for it to “stick.” Do you recall your very first job? It took you time (repetition) to get it right, and more time to get it down pat to where you performed without having to think your way through every aspect of it.

Guess what? Playing a consistently good game of golf requires the same thing: PRACTICE!

You do not always have to go to a range to practice some of the things you are working on.

  • Set yourself up indoors to work on your putting or even short chip shots.
  • Stand in front of a mirror to practice your grip and stance.
  • In the back yard you can work on certain swing mechanics that will help greatly improve your game.
  • And don’t forget that physical training and stretching are also forms of practicing to get better at any sport you’re playing.

If you’ll do these things, then when you do go to the range, you’ll really get some benefit out of your practice time.

I have several students who now go to the range at least once or twice a week to get in some practice time. All of them have dropped their number of strokes per round or handicap by notable amounts. I’m talking about as much as 10-15 strokes per round or 4-5 handicap points. So, yes! Practice does pay off.

The secret to making your practice time efficient is to forget the old adage “practice makes perfect.” The proper thinking is, “perfect practice makes perfect.” So whether you’re indoors this winter or outdoors, you need to be practicing proper methods that work for your golf swing. That’s where I come in, by giving you the information, tips and practice drills that help you know what works for your golf swing and physical ability. Just remember that all the information in the world won’t help unless you put it into practice.

Remember there’s an old quote that is still valid for everyone: “The more you practice, the luckier you get.” If you need help finding tips for your golf swing and better practice methods, please contact us and set up a lesson and we’ll work on it together.

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